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Paradise is reality.

Terra is a prosperous place. No one works any more and there is no disease, no hate and no crime or trouble. People are sterile and have to seek the permission of the Terran Council to have children. Successful applicants have medical modifications made that allow for procreation and the children themselves are sterilized at the onset of puberty. They leave childish things behind them and become a citizen of Terra. Life expectancy is now essentially a meaningless statistic. How long do you want to live for? You only leave this life when you want to, and who would want to?

When the Council formed the Expeditionary Forces they found it easy to recruit. After all, they offered a life of excitement and adventure. See the cosmos, travel, and live life to the fullest. Don’t drop yourself in a suicide booth, serve your fellow Terrans by joining the Force. Child permits were raised as necessary to meet the demand, and everyone rejoiced in the plan.

Later, recruiting posters featured wholesome troopers drinking cocktails on a cosmic beach on the edge of known space – an ideal that many wanted to live. Terrans had a taste for this glamorous promise. So they sought adventure in the Force.

For years they have recruited Terrans for the Expeditionary Forces and sent troopers out into space. Players take on the role of men and women that have joined the elite 3:16th unit. The 16th Brigade of the 3rd Army.

These men and women will experience a series of events strung across the vastness of the cosmos. And perhaps one day they will return to Terra.

The Elite 3:16th Expeditionary Force left Terra over 10,000 strong many years ago with an explicit mission. To fight, and defeat, everything in the universe that they could find. Alien civilizations, intelligences and life of any kind were to be wiped out to protect the future safety of the people home on Terra. Threats were to be neutralized at their source.

That is 3:16

Home Page

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